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I am relatively new to this site and exposure to other trans woman. I wish I had known about this site when I was going through transition as it would have benefited me. As it was, I went through transition without knowing or in contact with anyone to felt like I do. So I really appreciate reading about others experiences and feelings. Like so many of you, I had dreams of going to sleep and waking up as a girl. as best I can recall, they started like for many of you around age 4. But my story is so different from most of the stories I have reading about on this site. The big difference is that when my parents caught me and my sister playing dress up and learned this had been going on for some time and learned of my dream to wake up as a girl, my parents had me see a counselor. Then a psycharist and later a therapist who thought I might be trans. She sent me to specialist in the big city who eventually confirmed me being trans. When I was 10 I learned that my dream could come true of going to a hospital, falling asleep and waking up as a girl. So I started transition very early, before puberty.

It could have turned out very different if my parents had acted differently and not been so supportive or I had not been diagnosed as trans so early and steps taken. I liked sports and was pretty good and maybe surpressed my feeling of wanting to be a girl until much later in life when transition would have been much harder.

The point I want to make is how much I appreciate reading other people’s experiences. It gives me an appreciatton for what my parents and therapists and doctors did. I know now that I did not appreciate it enough at the time. I have now been able to thank my parents and I have become friends with my therapist who did the initial diagnosis so been able to tell her of my appreciation for what she did for me. Maybe it is my femine empathy that touches me deeply for others who have had a harder time with transition and becoming the woman of our young dreams. Good luck to all of you in making your dream come true.

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