Reply To: Can You Be Attracted To Yourself?


From a very young age I recognized the slenderness feature of my body and how I don’t feel right in baggy boys clothing. So yes I am attracted to the profile of my body, but I was never able to look at my face in the mirror because I was unhappy with not only how I look but myself as well. I wished that I had a more attractive slender face to go with my body (well actually I still wish this).

I remembered I started shaving my arms and legs in my early teens just because I liked how smooth my skin felt. This was before I even had a computer or saw anything that told me to do it, maybe it was admiring the other girls, but it seemed to be a natural internal desire. I remembered another kid in class saw my shaved arms and told me “only girls shave”.

I have only been able to look at myself in the mirror and love myself since I accepted who I am.

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