Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?


[quote quote=130594]My thought’s on this would be this . I think a person should live a year as female , or male totally , to see what it means to change permanently , SRS cannot be change back . I’ve read so many stories of problems in surgery and some mental problems after .[/quote]
For many, but not all, that would be a very good thing to do. However some want the physical changes but don’t or can’t present as female. Except for one afternoon I’ve been female for nearly two years, that one occasion was my father’s funeral and I stopped at a supermarket and changed before driving home. That last outfit went in a recycling bin at the same place. Even after all that time it was still a big step mentally and surgery will be much more intense.

Bad news flies and good news walks so poor results will always seem more common than they are. Nowadays the Interweb makes research easier and there’s nothing as good as a personal recommendation. ‘Informed consent’ is a great option as long as it really is informed, I think just signing a legal document to protect the surgeon is nothing like informed consent. It’s arse covering while demanding healthy fees for a procedure without discounting the reduced cost of insurance when the patient signs away their ability to sue.


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