Reply To: Starting a New Chapter

Lauren Mugnaia

Oh Brie, you made me cry…My heart goes out to you! On June 1st I will be moving into a new place, and only time will tell if it is a home. My spouse and I are separating, and I am going to be sharing a condo with a lady who is the mother of a girl I work with. She knows I am a trans woman and is totally fine with it, so I will now be truly living as a woman 24/7. When I announced my coming out it was soon followed by my wife’s announcement that I needed to find my own place. And like you, now that I have found a place it also struck me that it is the beginning of the end and I am also facing resignation and sadness. I had hoped she would be more understanding. She says she ‘understands’ but then adds the comment, “I married a man…!” She doesn’t want a divorce and wants to stay friends, but up to now hasn’t wanted to see me dressed as Lauren at all. I asked her how we would be friends if she never wants to see me as Lauren, to which she replied, “I never said that, I just have to get used to it.” So, like you, I am torn with a lot of emotion, transitioning means leaving a lot behind as we move forward to our new beginning. I wish you well, and have a lovely trip with your daughter!


Lauren M

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