Reply To: Introduction from a 1980s-1990s Transitioner


Yah ! early 80’s and mid 70’s – I didn’t know who the hell I was back then – became a hermit really – no dating and didn’t try in my teens and basically until 60 in rehab again in 2018 to finally acknowledge I am Trans female a blasted transexual hard core – never liked the word transexual , the word transgender I can deal with – I new young around 5 but just couldn’t explain a natural sense of Self – lost a life time of normalcy staying away from dating all these years , maybe I’m more “A ” sexual , It’s possible I might try the normal as can be at 64 now being post op SRS 2019 – mid to late 70’s thought I had a revolutionary thought maybe surgery could be done – scared the hell out of me so my thinking was I better be a closeted tranvestite back then Ha ! , no way was I going to do such a deed as surgery but I did it with No regrets – I’m dateless , never learned what most take for granted but I’m much better off than before being pre op , anyways it’s done , the options today make me feel ripped off and jealous of a life lost because of biased thinking and I new not to challenge this thinking 50 plus years ago as a child and teenage years wanting the physical body and just enjoy being a girl that I couldn’t be back then  – times have changed now – for the most part I’m accepted and don’t have to hide anymore and just be me .

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