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[quote quote=96081]I mean so those are the main reasons and just recently I talked to my therapist about the feelings and she completely reaffirmed my thoughts and she thinks i am. I still have my doubts but it moreso comes from social anxiety and fear of leaving my current life in the past and presenting as a woman. It scares the daylights out of me and passing i know shouldnt matter but has held me back to this point. I’m 5″11 230lbs and most would consider me a pretty big guy.[/quote]
Hi Riley
Well I was 6ft 2inches and 470+ pounds when I started. My posture has changed to get me to your height and 320pounds. So I’m now the same height as my sister, 3inches shorter than my cousin (her legs are on millions of tights packets), 2inches shorter than my aunt, and about eye-to-eye with other female family and friends when they’re in heels. Act confident, dress appropriately, be confident, always have a bag (apparently a red flag thing except at certain social occasions), and be very aware of what’s around you. In doing these you’ll start to blend in and that’s the key. I’ve been Madam’d several times when trying to look male which shows that most people don’t look properly – on one occasion I had three days stubble FFS.

The first few trips out will be terrifying but that will rapidly fade until it’s normal. I recently had to present male at my Father’s funeral and it felt so, so wrong. I changed at the first supermarket restroom I found and the last male outfit went into the air ambulance collection bin. I felt very uncomfortable with it around much like the first items of female clothing I brought.

You’ll be fine and surprised at how many guys like tall girls.



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