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[quote quote=128953]My wife asked me the subject question over the weekend. I said “no” without thinking. But the answer is far more complicated and “sometimes” would have probably been a better answer. I’ve never been a manly man. I’ve always fit in better with girls/women. The conversations, the mannerisms, the behaviors have always just felt more natural…  …Were it not for my wife I would probably further pursue the question of whether I want to or could transition. Such a simple question from my wife and such a roller coaster of thoughts and feelings behind the answer. The immediate “no” was more of a “I don’t want to talk about this right now” than a real “no way”.[/quote]
Based on my experience she thinks you are or have been thinking about it. My ex- took a different path starting with panties in the bedroom and then progressively feminizing me. Then one evening we had THE conversation and I realised that I had always wanted to be a girl and that my fragile mental health was the price of suppressing it. Even though we split for other reasons I’m certain of two things; if I’m ever well enough to get a job it will be Thanks to her, putting me on the road to transition was the most wonderful thing anybody has ever done to me. It isn’t easy but at least I’m still here.


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