Reply To: Do you want to be a girl?

Lauren Mugnaia

Oh Brie, once again, how true! Once it’s out there it’s a done deal, at least it is for me!  This weekend I am moving to a new place to live.  My spouse, who thought I was a non practicing CD, told me upon coming out to her that I was actually transgender and needed to transition, that I needed to find my own place. The truth is and always has been, that I’ve always wanted to be a girl! Now I have taken the steps to finally live as one full time. I’ve already transitioned at work and now, this weekend, am moving in with another woman where I will be a room mate in her condo. She knows I am a trans woman and has met with Lauren several times. So, for me, the answer to the question of this topic has always been…YES!!


Lauren M

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