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DeeAnn Hopings


Glad that you found your way here! I hope that being here will have a positive impact on your journey.

Thanks for being pretty thorough with you Profile page. I usually have to remind people to do that. I think what many don’t realize is that while all threads eventually sink to the bottom of the pile and diligent searching is required if you want to dig them out, the Profile page will always be readily available and can be updated at any time. Often it provides a lot of insight as to what is happening for that particular member.

I commend your work with the Party. Currently I am the Vice-Chair of the only LGBT club in our area: Desert Stonewall Democrats.

Interesting what you said about, in effect, being left out. From my experience, which is being Black for 73 years, prejudice is usually not very compartmentalized. If people have something against trans people, for example, I think the odds are overwhelming that no distinction will be made in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, etc. That said, I’ve heard lesbians say exactly what you said for exactly the same reasons. However, I would say give it some time. As humans, we tend to fall into fads quite easily. Circumstances will adjust themselves when the next, new, shiny trinket comes along. It is just how we are.

Going forward, I hope that you have time to share some of your experiences with the members here. Younger and newer folks might benefit from what you have to say. To me, the key point is reinforcing the idea that it is possible to survive the difficulties of being a trans person and move towards living as your true self…

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