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Oh, where I am today in my transitioning journey is all because of my friends on the trans-spectrum, especially those who have fully transitioned!

In fact, since becoming more aware of “gender” and “identity” and talking about it with my friends, I’m now in a “holding pattern” with it all. Perhaps a “cautionary tale”?

I guess I’m trying to decide if where I am now is enough? I don’t yet have an answer. My friends seem to enjoy my company and treat me as one-of-their-own and I’ve luckily never experienced any snobbery like others have. Besides, we like each other for other reasons too and have interests well beyond trans issues.

We all know that transitioning is a BIG life changing commitment with ongoing medical follow-ups and family breakups. I find that my current little dose of HRT has given me the feminine shape I desire and I could very well be fine with that for the rest of my life. I rarely need to see my GP and I like it that way. Also, my own mind and spirit is female and I’ve been like this all my life.

The other thing keeping me in a holding-pattern are my current human rights laws here in Canada protecting my right to choose my gender identity and express it with my desired appearance (and I have done so many times without any negativity!). I can legally and literally be the woman I want to be anywhere on the gender-spectrum!



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