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Jan Janet

When seenne are things that are not easily seen
and believed are things not easily seen
seen things seem not easily seen
and prisms divide the light.

There are always an infinite
number of lies that can be told. only one truth exist.
Truth abates when lies prevail. Only one truth exists
Contradicting are your Tails can all you say be lies?
Truth be known we all have lied
Only one truth exists

:When my mind reels:
The spray of white caps in the wind
brings on the smell of this thought I’m in
Motionless snapshots the mind’s eye reveal;to anywhere brings me, my soul, when my mind reels.
Sunset Candlelight memories to my delight. Candy stripes bicycles Bells-a-ringing I’m in flight.
Traveling without moving the Mind reveals my soul leaping through great folds of space, Limitless, when my mind reels.

Justice is the name in which the flags fly on either side the judge he will try.
Public defender prosecuting attorney
do their dance paid well in the name of duty.
To their better Avail justice avades,
they pray there be more criminals today.
We all have come for the name of justice;
‘no one deserves real freedom.’
Bound in this courtroom it seems after all;
We are just us.

Burden surrounds me
I am nothing but burden.
Happiness Escapes Me.
Be nothing but happy,
for when I am nothing,
no burden will I be.
Please, no burden be of me.

: Masterpiece or Meyhem? :

Imagine if you will, the possibility to create accurate reflections of the imagination.
The expression is Vision into one’s imagination. imagination worth sharing creates an elation and individual Discovery.
But in order to share the imagination; there must be vision, and expression is your only tool.
The ability to share one’s imagination is as difficult as it is greatly fulfilling.
To share one’s discovery and to express one’s imagination (which has no limits): even a precise expression, as well as how it is interpreted, will be an inaccurate reflection of the imagination. Incomprehensible, impossible Revelations are hard to explain and are open for interpretation.
This phenomenon is usually accepted and regarded as art.
Art is the expression and/or performance of someone’s imagination, or from there-in.
Imagination increases better to expression.
Art by design,
creative production is what separates the artist from the hobbyist;
The Masterpiece from the Mayhem
:Me Mine :^ )

-#-#-# ONE MORE? #-#‐#-

Beauty is that which is deceitful and should be respected and awed. For that what is beautiful cares not for that wich has substance; only the substance itself.
Substance increases not to beauty; only beauty increases substance.
Can beauty have not of vanity and deceitfulnesss?
Beauty is only, when appreciated;
and deceitfulness comes when other than beauty is criticized.
A ll is vanity.

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