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Hi Elliot, I am a transwoman just going through HRT now. I understand well how you wish to express the authentic side of “you”. I now feel like I was crossdressing all of my life to present as the male I appeared to be at birth.

I am moving in to my own place (my wife hsa also) after 41 years of being in a relationship and marriage. It has been incredibly stressful, but today for the first time in weeks, I am fully dressed as the woman I truly am. It feels so relaxing! All the angst and resentment at the moving process (her idae, not mine, but not just b/c of the transgender issue either) has just melted away. My new place still looks like a hoarder’s place as I try to clean and put things in their place, but I am happy that I can express myself as I really am without feeling like I’m making someone else uncomfortable.

You’ve joined the best TG and CD site around, and you absolutely picked the right place to introduce yourself. Ihope things go well with you and you can have the courage to come out to your loved ones, but only when you are ready! It only took me about 60 years to get that courage, BTW (giggle).



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