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DeeAnn Hopings


Glad you could join us!

This is a pretty peaceful place. Every now and then someone slips in under the radar and stirs up shit, but we get onto them quickly and remove them. My thought is that trans people (using the term in the broadest sense) tend to have enough strife going on in their lives, so having a place that is a refuge and safe haven is a good thing!

Also, there are 11,000+ members here and they come from all over the world. The chances are good that someone here will be able to relate to what you need to talk about.

Yes, we do frown on personal advertising. There are advertisers here, but there are particular arrangements in place and the companies support the web site. If anyone wants to see your work, send them a link by Private Message or to their E-mail account.

I see that you are in Winston-Salem. I spent 10 months in 2012 working in Wilmington. I’ve been a motorsports fan since I was a child. About this time in 2012 I went over to Winston-Salem to watch the modifieds run at Bowman-Gray Stadium. I took a co-0worker with me who had never been to any sort of motorsports event and we had a very good time! The “Mad House” didn’t disappoint!

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