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Dana Munson

Hi, Austin!  Up front, I’ll admit I did not vote in your poll, because your question cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no” (which are the choices given).

As for help, I am not aware of any training schools teaching guys to be girls, outside of those stories one can find over on Fictionmania (which are, of course, fictional). Unless you are fortunate enough to find a natural woman willing to be your teacher, you will probably have to learn your “girl lessons” the way most of us did: by patiently watching and listening to girls and women – how they act, move, speak, dress, etc., and then trying your best to imitate. Part of that learning can include reading female-oriented fashion/beauty magazines and other female-oriented journals and literature (will help train your mind to start seeing things from a woman’s perspective, to the extent you do not already do so).

The “mental” part of transitioning into womanhood will involve – as Dee Ann mentions – some time with a therapist with expertise in transgender issues. The therapist can help you work through the fundamental threshold question: ARE you really transgendered, or are you simply a really enthusiastic cross-dresser?  (If you are here asking questions, you have probably mostly worked that out in your head already, but it never hurts to bounce your feelings off a trained professional.)  Also, many of us have at least a few stress- or confusion-inducing issues to work through while trying to implement transition (for example, relationships with employer, co-workers, family and friends). You need to remember that others, not just yourself, will likely be impacted in some measure by your change. A good therapist can help you consider those relationships, and to work through how you will deal with any negative reactions.

For the “physical” part of transitioning, you will need – if you truly decide to go for womanhood — some degree of medical help. An endocrinologist, for example, to prescribe for you a safe hormone regimen (by no means should you even think about self-medicating with hormones – that can be dangerous!).  Some surgical assistance may eventually be appropriate, depending on how far you wish to take your physical transition. But any surgery is probably a few years off for you, after you had a little time to grow into your new, feminine life. You’ll know better then what you really want and need in the way of surgical changes.

AND . . . along the way, there are safe havens like Transgender Heaven, where you can read up on things other girls are going through (or have gone through) and learn from their experiences. You can also ask for, and get, advice on issues of particular importance to you, like you are doing now.

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