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So I’m on the sister site CDH and I wrote about this there. It seems to be the idiot teenage boys that are the culprit. I was out one night getting my fiancé and myself something to eat. I was going through a drive through so I just left my leggings on with a womens shirt and jacket on. No forms, makeup or anything else feminine. When I pulled up to the window to pay and get our food the teenage boy at the window apparently noticed my leggings and notified the rest of the mainly teenage crew working that there was a guy in leggings at the window. They slowly came one by one to see the guy in leggings. I really didn’t give a s*** and just sat there and let them have their fun. The funny thing about this is that you can go by any American highschool during football practice and a great number of teenage boys with athletic leggings on under their shorts. And let’s face it their football pants are nothing but Capri leggings with pads built into them. At least my leggings were cute and had some style to them.

The point of this is teenagers are horrible beings. Most of them take any occasion to make fun of people that are anything out of the norm because they’re so awkward and insecure it somehow makes them feel better about their own insecurities. I know we all were a teenager once. I was ridiculed over numerous things when I was a teenager. My weight, the fact I had my own style of dressing that wasn’t necessarily the norm, the fact I was more sensitive than a normal boy, the fact I accepted all people around me (I was friends with everyone no matter what their situation was). I was and still am a large person so bullying me didn’t really happen because I think fear kicked in due to the fact I was one of the biggest kids at my school. At 15 I was 6′ 4″ and 230 lbs. Not someone that a smaller person would toy with. It was my saving grace due to the fact I wouldn’t have hurt a flea if I had to and I’m still that way today.

I don’t understand the mindset of a bully. There’s no call for one person to make fun of another because they’re different. In general most of society are horrible people. They’re very self centered and anything out of the norm causes them to react to those people who are different in a terrible manner that is extremely hurtful and extremely detrimental to the person they are acting out towards. I have spent lots of time trying to change other peoples perceptions of certain groups. It never helps nor does it make a difference. I quit years ago. I treat others as I wish to be treated. I hope that it doesn’t go unnoticed and that it is appreciated by those who notice it.

As we all know being trans is hard road to hold. Every member of our community has a hard time in our own context. Things seem to be improving but we’ve got a long way to go. Certain groups are further along than others in within our community and that’s awesome! Hopefully all of us will be accepted and loved by all in the near future.

Peace, Love, Happiness and Joy to all!


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