Reply To: What kind of people verbally abuse us?

Dana Munson

I’m kind of in a similar position as Barb. I’m still (blush!) north of 200 lbs. and 5’10”.  And I – if I am honest with myself – don’t come off visually as a 100% certain, no-question-about-it, born woman.  But I apparently manage it (the look, the moves, etc.) just well enough that I can live 24/7 as a woman, go everywhere a woman goes and do what women do in their normal lives, and I get by just fine.  Went solo to Disneyland yesterday – had a great day and had absolutely no hassles or issues from anyone. Like Barb, I live in a very cosmopolitan and fairly “liberal” region. And I am sure that has a lot to do with the (so far!) ease of my daily living. But I do share the opinions above about the potential for snottiness and bullying from younger people, especially teens. When in public, I am always especially on the alert when I am having to pass near a group of youngsters.  All I can say is, either I come off better than I give myself credit for, or else I just haven’t run into  any young a**holes yet.  Lord knows there were enough young’uns at D-Land yesterday, and yet not a sneer or snicker did I perceive. There may be some hope for the younger generation after all. 🙂

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