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Interesting! For me the question is interesting because I first came to the point where I could no longer repress my desire to at least dress in customary female attire. But I still had roadblocks, commitments, which kept me or delayed me from discovering where I felt most comfortable. Interestingly, in 2020 I was forced in my own mind to seek counseling because I was too confused, even after attending for a brief time transgender and crossdressing support meetings for a time some years earlier. I mentioned the year 2020 because like vision, I then saw more clearly I needed help to move from the quagmire of uncertainty I was in. I therefore made an appointment with a professional with expertise in gender issues. It wasn’t long before I realized I needed to move forward permanently in my female self, but in my mind I’m still uncertain if my appropriate label should be transgender, or bigender or two-spirited.  But labels don’t really matter as I am what I am. All I know is, it was during the counseling that I decided I needed to live the rest of my life out as the woman I had and have inside me. You see, I’ll soon be 68, and after living 66 years as a male with occasional fleeting desires for my femaleness while young, and which grew to an unrepressable passion as I reached my retirement, I want to spend the remaining physical years I have enjoying the wonderful thing it is to be as fully female in body, spirit, and mind, as I can be!

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