Reply To: It’s been Transgender Week of Awareness, how aware do we want to be?


Stimulating question, Lauren.   I had to stop and think about this one before responding.

What I wish is to be out and unconcerned about it.   What I do is be out, with some some concerns about it.  Similar to Jasmine, I consider my safety in as much as where I choose to go.  I believe that I have been okay and accepted for who I am in my daily life.  At the same time, I believe that I am usually clocked as a transwoman:  I do have an exceptionally feminine body or face.   My personal experience shows me that  almost everybody takes me as is without fuss.  Whether I am talked about, or laughed at behind my back doesn’t concern or hurt me as I am not aware of it.

In this sense, being out serves as a public awareness activity.   At the same time, I do not initiate conversations about transgender awareness when I’m out.  I happily answer any questions and have conversations when someone brings it up.   The topic doesn’t come up very often am all.

I think that just being me is a public awareness function as it is, and a passive invitation to talk about it, but I’m not going to go out there with the intent to educate the world or be a “poster child” for us.  I think my presence is enough to let others know that I’m a confident, valid and important human being.  And judging by public reactions I’ve received, I am successful at it.

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