Reply To: It’s been Transgender Week of Awareness, how aware do we want to be?


Well, it’s just my humble opinion.
I came out and just decided to fully run with it right out of the gate.
And I for 1 don’t blend in or pass and probably never will be that lucky or blessed.
So there is no way to hide the fact of being transgender. And first and foremost I would never want to hide that fact. I am very proud and blessed to be transgender and be able to freely live my dreams and discover all that life has to offer.
Almost everyone has been able to see that I’m transgender and many people have started conversations about it with me. I may not go out of my way to go around trying to broadcast or rub it in others faces, but I also don’t try to hide anything.
I’m free, out, happy, and alive.
And as to the question of fear from others…no not really, I just try to keep a level head and carry myself with confidence.

Shiloh Rose 🌹

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