Reply To: It’s been Transgender Week of Awareness, how aware do we want to be?

Lauren Mugnaia

Thank you so much DeeAnn for your thoughts and input. In terms of being visible I seem to pass most of the time as a woman. I’m only 5’6″ and 170 lbs so not much bigger than the average North American woman. One advantage I have is that I have a feminine speaking voice that I’ve been told is “very sweet”. I take a bus each day to and from work and am often sitting very close to the person next to me, often a conversation will start with them commenting on my nails. So it is obvious that I pass much of the time,
but there are times when I will be clocked and it is usually a young teenage girl. I’ve had women ask for my contact info saying they’d love to do coffee, and at that point I often let them know I’m a trans woman. So far that has always resulted in them wanting to know more about being TG. So I have this opportunity to be a successful ambassador for transgender people, showing them that we are ordinary people leading extraordinary lives.


Ms. Lauren M

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