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I answered that my role model was male….. but I was thinking of when I first became aware of Bruce Jenner…. he was male.. now of course is Caitlyn now  who I admire a lot. But when Bruce was winning Olympic Gold, I was smitten by him and thought he was attractive but not in a sexual way………. they say it takes one to know one.. but I think my subconscious was working and I could relate to him since I was also  an athlete who had gender confusion but didn’t recognize it as such at the time… somehow, I think I felt he was like me. Not saying I am an Olympic athlete… just an all around decent athlete who participated in a lot of sports and was pretty good at a couple of them. Let’s just say, I was not surprised when it became known that he was feminizing his features and lo and behold he became Caitlyn. I greatly admire her courage for being so public.

Prior to Jenner though, I was always interested in female actresses that I became aware of in my early years….. the first one I remember was Hedy Lamar….. she was not only beautiful, but fascinating. Oh how I wished I were her. Then there was Ida Lupino. I think I learned to smoke from her though. I used to admire how she left lipstick stains on her cigarettes. Thankfully I quit years ago…. but always had a crush on Ida as a role mode who I considered beautiful. Marilyn Monroe had a figure I would die for…… Donna Reed was a wonderful actress who I thought was beautiful and motherly….. something I always aspired to be.

The male role models I had as a child didn’t ast long in my memory as role models…. I clung to the feminine role models.


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