Reply To: I am in a whirlwind of denial, and I need help.


Hi Amber Lynn. I’m Abby. I’m glad you have a supportive wife. It makes a huge difference. It’s not been easy for either of us relationship wise. At one point recently she asked for a divorce. As she put it she does not wish to be married to a woman. I get it. I told her I would not contest it.  But after talking she decided to hold off for the time. We don’t need to rush into it.

I have made quite a few missteps. I came out 14 mos. ago. My application of makeup has gotten better and quicker. I have a hairy body so that is a bit of a pain. Lot’s of territory to cover on shave day. I’ve found a good women’s razor that I like – Soleil but I also have a women’s electric and Nair. I don’t use the Nair that much – prefer the razor. The electric does well enough when I don’t want to mess with shave cream. As for the back I found something on Amazon called the Bakblade. I need more practice but it’s good and you don’t have to wet your back or use shave cream. There are other things I’ve learned over time. My counselor taught me a makeup trick that is great.

Anyway, if you want to ask questions or chat let me know. It’s been having other trans women to talk to that has made a difference. Abby.

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