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Ray andrew

Thanks for your reply, but I’m confused. I never filled out a profile, and cannot figure out how to do it. Somehow, you seem to say that a bogus profile has been created stating that I live in Florida. Nothing could be farther from the truth — literally! I live in Cambodia, but had a Florida address in St. Pete over 30 years ago. How did they resurrect that?

Anyway, I’m a bit jealous that you have had the courage to come out. I am still very closeted, as I have a pretty straight-laced Cambodian wife who has a pretty good idea of my trans-feelings, but doesn’t object as long as I don’t flaunt it. I once told her that I wanted breast implants, and she emphatically vetoed that idea.

So I’m interested in how you managed to come out of the closet and what steps you have taken towards feminization: surgery? medicines? There are so many options these days, and I am in the dark about which way to turn.

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