Reply To: Getting Connected With The Trans Community…

Emily Alt

My connections with the trans community have been mostly positive. The vast majority of my experiences have been social. I’ve made a lot of friends in the last few years. I’ve bonded with a few girls….they’ve truly been sisters to me. It’s safe to say we’ll be lifelong friends.

I don’t have a need for social services. But I did attend a couple of group sessions early on at The Center in San Diego. I felt out of place and stopped going.

In general I feel safe being out in public. Never had any problems at least. Of course some places are safer than others. Common sense obviously plays a big part.

I agree there is strength in numbers. And that is maybe the one area where my experience has been less positive. We unfortunately lack a cohesive image and message. Some of our members choose to exclude others because of perceived “impurities”. Some openly flaunt hedonistic lifestyles with no regard for the bridges others are trying to build. I could go on. Suffice to say some of us are hurting our cause. Considering what’s happening politically in some places, it’s the last thing we need.


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