Reply To: An Emphasis on Medicine


An excellent topic!

I think it’s just fine to talk about all this. Where else can some of us go? Personally, I’m lucky to have a vibrant trans community where I live, so I get to discuss this often with others over coffee.

And yeah, we do discuss drugs and surgeries, but it’s not our main topic. That would be sex. LOL!!


My daughter got me an excellent book for Christmas called, The Transgender Issue: Trans Justice Is Justice For All, by Shon Fay, 2022. She wholeheartedly includes non-binary, trans femmes and men as being transgender and recognizes that social, medical and surgical transitioning are equal partners in everyone’s journey.

I do understand that many here don’t have the financial resources to seek medical or surgical interventions, but many of us do. Our nations cover these costs at no charge, unlike in other jurisdictions. So, it’s natural and appropriate for us to discuss this.


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