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Hi Hannah: I’m a new girl here, and a newly aware married  English lady also.  I too had problems with mental health as well: and ended up feeling I had to share it all for better or worse.  As a result we’ve had a terrible five months: but are still together.  I realise hiding my depression was as bad as hiding my gender doubts.  Counseling and mentoring has helped me immensely and stopped me rushing and gabbling on.  My wife is still in a really bad place, but I begin to hope we will survive.  Initially I didn’t think I could give the situation the time it needs: but with the help of my “community of acceptance” I’m beginning to think I at least can hang on in there: whether my wife will I don’t know, but my wonderful support feel time is what’s needed. If you wanted the details of the groups who have helped my in the South of England don’t hesitate to PM me.

With hugs and very best wishes


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