Reply To: How do you experience gender dysphoria?


Really, for me, I have come to control it. Stop it? Never probably. I have come to accept who I am. That was the key to dysphoria control. I didn’t know who I was. I hated the male me deep down and .I hated the female me just as much.  I wanted to be both at different times , just male or just female. I wished I could wake up tomorrow and just be one. Oh how I wished. But it was not to be. But I did finally accept I want to live and I have to accept I am both. I am gender fluid. Now, I awake and go with the flow. If I feel fem, I am Jillleanne.  One day, one week, one month, it matters not. It’s how I feel each day.  One thing I am certain about. Both genders are sticking around for good. I still get dysphoria which screws with my head. I get stuck between genders and can’t figure out what to wear. My brain just swirls in confusion so I make a decision whether or not I like it. Usually by the next day, it passes, usually.

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