Reply To: Do Role Models Matter?


Yes, DeeAnn is on the mark here. I can only relate to my experiences. I grew up in a strict family in the 60’s. No role models, no support systems. We as kids were taught to figure things out on your own.  We were not nurtured. We were not encouraged to be like anyone. We were taught that hard work in school will lead to success.  Be a realist, no place for dreams that were in their eyes, unattainable. And stay focused on that. Parents in that era, post war, had no time for thinking maybe one of their kids had talent in say sports. Never was the idea of trying to be like someone else ever entertained.  I never wanted to be like someone else but I did want to be the best at what I did.  I received no praise for that but rather constantly reminded to do well in school so I would have a secure future. I was reminded often I should not spend so much time with my female friends whom I preferred. I hated school in the late years. S we became tough mentally. We did solve our own issues, we figured out stuff on our own.  If you didn’t, you were classed as a wimp.

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