Reply To: Choosing a ladies’ bike

DeeAnn Hopings

My road bike, if my balance ever returns enough to resume riding, is a carbon Ritchey BreakAway, with a full 2016 Campagnolo Chorus drivetrain and Zonda wheels. Bike is in the 17 pound range and maybe something less. It has been a while since I weighed it. Increased stopping power is only useful up until the wheels lock and I can do that with my rim brakes. At that point you are dependent on what the tires can do. Where I live now, some of the advantages fall away. It is essentially flat here in the desert, so overheating isn’t an issue. It doesn’t rain much here and I never liked riding in the rain anyway. When I ride I always tried to anticipate as clipless pedals were always a bit of a worry for me. Consequently, hard braking was fairly rare.

Functionally, I think a couple of other things come into play. Mechanical ones would seem to require quite a bit of mechanical  advantage to work. To me, the hydraulic ones are a bit scary in terms of cutting a hose or breaking a fitting. Not saying that will happen, but it is a risk factor. Now, unless someone has the mother of all crashes, you would still have brakes at one end of the bike, so there’s that.

Anyway, it is an equation that everyone has to figure out for themselves. For me, the way that I ride and my machinery preferences, there isn’t enough of an upside.

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