Reply To: “Anti-Drag Show” Law

DeeAnn Hopings

There is a basic fallacy in all of this. It is the erroneous belief that you can “make” someone gay or trans. If that was true, then conversion therapy would work; only it doesn’t.

There have been studies of brain scans of gay and trans folks that suggest that the differences seen are more like the opposite sex and the opposite gender assigned at birth, respectively. Unfortunately no one has yet gathered enough resources for large studies that would lead to full conclusions. If this comes to pass, it should put paid to that “it’s a choice” BS.

Several years ago a number of founders and leaders of ex-gay organizations left those organizations and published an Open Letter. The text can be found here:

The original letter had 7 assignees. On that page you can see how many others have signed up since.

There is also a Netflix documentary:

To me, these bills are nothing more than throwing red meat to a certain group of constituents. Also, consider that the population of the US is closing in on 330,000,000 people. Trans adults and teenagers represent approximately 0.6% of the population, or about 2,000,000. Is this really a good use of time for politicians given the MAJOR and REAL issues that we are facing?

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