Reply To: “Anti-Drag Show” Law


I have been to quite a few drag shows, and I can think of non of them I would take a minor too. They all most always have topics that are way over exaggerated usually in a sex theme. And the crowds that tend to go are just as bad. It has been a couple of years since I went to one and maybe drag shows have become PG but I doubt it, and if they did all become PG I would not consider going to them any more, as the sex banter is part of the performance that I enjoy.

And no offense to anyone but kids are impressionable. If they were not they could not learn anything more than monkeys do. I am fairly sure you can not make someone gay or trans but certainly you can teach morals and right from wrong. And kids get duped all the time into doing stuff, if not no kids would ever do drugs or drink and they would all be perfect angles to their parents.  Just this go around it is the society who is peer pressuring the kids into whatever. If society taught kids from adolescence it was ok to use a gun to shoot anyone who made them angry. Sure some of them would not do shoot but even if 1% did it and it was accepted it would be a horror beyond belief. Same is true I would not want my most hated enemy to have to be transgender and live with what I have been through and if there was even a 0.0000000001% chance that making transgendered a society widely accepted thing would make a kid get confused and do the wrong thing it would be a tragedy.

Let’s put it this way: At work there is a rule that no-one is allowed to have a phone or any electronic device on them or use it while at work. I know for a fact every single person has broken this rule just about every single day. So why pray tell do they have the rule??? Everyone knows that no-one follows the rule. Problem is if you eliminate the rule it leads to people not trying to hide the phones or to abuse the use of them at work. Thus making work inefficient and not getting done do to distractions. Similar to the whole trans society acceptance thing, what pandora box do you open up, there are parents who think it is ok for their kid to take a ‘litter box’ to school because he identifies as a cat, look it up it was in the Baltimore news. Personally I not only have Gender Dysphoria but I am also getting Age Dysphoria, but society right now does not accept my Age Dysphoria yet. What about those furry’s should we add litter boxes to all schools and tell all kids it is ok to use it maybe even force them? Let coworkers go out for walks to crap in the lawn just because they identify that they are a dog? This I know is an extreme, but once the door is open it is open…

On the other hand maybe my life would not be as hard if I was accepted since I was a little kid. Problem is for society too function it needs boundaries and social norms, if not it will collapse, history has proven this. We as transgender people are on the fringe of society not part of social norms, and as were are only “5%” of the population we should not be dictating what social norms should be to the other 95%. Sure it would be nice not to get hated on because we are on the fringe, being allowed to live in peace in our own way is our right as we are not hurting anyone. But as history has shown the fringe/different/weird are always feared by the masses and usually to the minorities detriment. What society needs is not to be afraid of us and leave us in peace, they do not need to accept us as one of them because they never will do that, just as we are not like them, will never will be that.         PRIDE.




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