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Thanks. I am not here to judge, that’s above my pay grade. But I do want to point out that transition (IMHO) is a lifelong process. I’d bet that Rachel meant that she has gone as far as she’d like to for now. She probably finished the “physical/body image” part of transition, FOR HER. I understand that there are Standards of Care for ‘gender dysphoria’. We all need different things, all of us being different people.

I will never be finished with my transition. Being retired (After working for over 10 years as a female) gives me time and pause to examine myself.

I flirted with the idea, but never intended to have SRS. I have no tolerance for physical pain. I’ve done facial electrolysis and go in for touch ups and other parts of my body now. It hurts so much that I could not have finished my face without the kindness of a dentist who would allow his assistant to numb my muzzle with shots of lidocaine in my mouth first.

I didn’t use hormones for very long, because I became impatient with the expense and the results. I won’t use them again, the side effect risks are too much for ME. I’m a retired nurse, and have seen all sorts of unhealthy stuff, some of it done by trans women.

I’m incensed at the persecution of LGBTQ people, especially drag queens. I respect and enjoy watching the shows, when I can. I even had a crush on a drag queen once.

Some transwomen tell me that drag is trashy and gives people a bad image. I disagree. When done by pros, nothing could be further from the truth. I’d trust a queen before I’d trust a politician. Upon retrospection, I feel lately that I could be doing my own ‘drag’ by presenting as female, and playing in an all girl band. Like you, I’m not a guy.

But I like guys. Strangely, I only have one close male friend. I haven’t dated a guy since I married my current wife. She is #4, and is the only one that ever approved, even embraced my queerness and femininity, during the marriage.

By “coming out” here, I hope that I have dispelled any illusions that I am being judgemental. And I hope that Rachel knows I’m not digging at her. I want to be accepting of you, her, and every person here. I’m not a bitch with people I don’t know.

Thank you.

Natalie Gay

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