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I think you might find that US society does tell children that it’s okay to use a gun to solve their problems: have you not watched much TV or films lately? And as for that widely-disseminated myth about furries and litter boxes, that’s all it was – a myth put about by trans-haters.

As for drag queen story hours, they are always designed to be entirely appropriate and understandable for their very young audience. This in a piece about Belfast-based Matt Cavan a.k.a. Cherrie Ontop in Pink News:

“We’ve been trying to keep the events as hush as possible, because they are for children and full of joy and love. They are not political. I don’t think that children should have to come into contact with protests,” he explains. But he’s frustrated at right-wing suggestions that being around LGBTQ+ people and drag queens can influence a child’s sexuality.

“Growing up I was read all of these fairytales about straight princes and princesses and I didn’t turn out to be straight,” he says. “So people talking about the gay agenda – that is not what these events are about by any stretch of the imagination. We’re not trying to turn people gay, because as gay people, we know that that’s not how it works.”

Explaining the true purpose of these story times, he says: “These story times are to show children that there are people in this world that are going to be incredibly different from them and that’s okay. Or they might feel incredibly different from what society tells them and that is also okay, and we should celebrate that. It’s not about sexuality or gender. I think that society is giving children a place to be able to think for themselves and that is scary for non-liberals because how are they going to control that in later life?”

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