Reply To: “Anti-Drag Show” Law


I know, it is a horror that kids think it is ok to kill to solve problems. TV, video games etc desensitize them. There was a good book called “On killing” that goes fairly deep into the subject.

And I 100% agree the gov/news agencies/internet puts out fake news and propaganda all the time. However they only way to make a judgment call on what is real or fake or not is to know from 1st hand experience.  I knew a few furry’s back in the day and a few who used litter boxes for a time. So not a hard leap of thinking to make in this era of pushed acceptance that the news might be correct. However none of my furry friends were so brazen to publicly put it out there.  And if you ask them today they most like will deny it.

The shear fact my % was/is possibly wrong is one of those incidents. (I actually took it from a news site)  I should have only made the statement based on personal experience with people. Out of admitted trans  people I know the % is far lower then 5%, but such a hard number to gauge as we all no many people just do not share with others this aspect.

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