Reply To: Should I go to my local Gender Identity Clinic?

cathy davis

<p style=”text-align: left;”>I am new here also ,and have felt the same way as Stefanie  has talked about  I alway wished I was a girl from about  10 years old  haveing got caught by my mother with women clothing and mailings about transgender surgery  back in the 1970s ,trying to make my self more of a man to date women and eventually  getting  married ,in the back of my mind being female was always there now after 37 years ,2 children  grown  up  ,I have done 6 months of HRT but stopped for awhile may restart soon ,haven’t said anything  to my wife ,I feel If I say anything  it will be calling me everything  under the sun and in divorce  court ,at times I think I should suppress  my feelings  and live quietly not saying  anything  ,Cathy</p>

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