Reply To: Tell Us What You Did That Was Unique And Enjoyable!!

Lauren Mugnaia

Hi girls,

I was recently invited to go for lunch with two ladies I work with. I work in a government office building as the site supervisor for security and many of the staff know I’m a trans woman. These two gals are both Asian, one is Philippine and the other Vietnamese, and they love me to death. We went to lunch in the Legislature dining room, which is pretty swanky and a bit high class, reservations are necessary. We had a wonderful time, were there for almost two hours doing nothing but girl talk and enjoying each other’s company. What made my day so enjoyable was when they told me, “Lauren, we don’t even think of you as being trans, you’re just “one of us”, one of the girls!”

I felt so wonderful, appreciated, accepted and honored, definitely one of my more memorable days.


Ms. Lauren M

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