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Hello, I’m the wife of a man who likes to cross dress and is trans in her mind. <3  When she first told me about Tiffani I was a little shocked. Of course I asked if she was gay and she told me no and that she didn’t know what she was. I asked her, are you gay? Nope but I like the look of a c**k and don’t have a preference in gender. I remember being sad and confused and not knowing if I was going to loose the husband I had or not. I watched my husband cry in bed for two days and during that time all I could do I see the pain and hurt he was in. I know he didn’t choose to be this way and hates that he’s not the man he wishes he could be for his wife and daughter. I sat with my husband those two days and wrapped my arms around him and told him I loved him no matter what and that I would walk through fire with  him and help him figure himself out. Fast forward what has been about four years now I’m still the loving wife, and best friend to him. I shop for Tiffani, buy her presents, do her makeup. I’m not going to sit here and say it’s been easy for my six year year old and I navigating how much is acceptable Infront of her and how to explain it to her. I love Tiffani very much and I just want her to be happy. I want to be a good support for her but don’t want to feel like I’m holding her back from being her at home or encourging her to much to the point she thinks I just want her to be a girl so I can find someone else. The fear I face as a wife of a trans is will I support to much to soon if shes not sure what she want’s yet? We are very successful and own a few business and in the public eye a bit. We have fears and I say we because we are in this together and I want happyness for her. I see the constant struggle and confusing she faces. She hasn’t fully accepted her self but has taken the steps to change her self. We have gotten Botox together, filler in our lips, and even some cheek filler to give Tiffani higher cheek bones. I’m very accepting of my husbands change I just wish I knew how to help her accept herself more and meet others like her.  I try to constantly reminded her that I love her. I encourage her to explore her curiosity with boy’s and girls we just struggle with him being okay that one day I may need more as in another man around. I really hope this site helps us both find some answers and guidance.

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