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Hi CC,  wonderful insight into your feelings. If this helps you regarding how much support your spouse needs or wants, keep the lines of communication open 24/7, let them take the lead and remind them how important they are to you  regardless of their gender gift. It may well be they have no idea where this leads, I still don’t and I’m over 65. Some claim they can remain static and never progress further. I never have stopped progressing, stalled a few times, but never stopped.  I am guessing your partner feels confused at times, wishes they could just be one gender, wants to know why they feel this way, the list goes on. It may come one day they feel they are good with where they are at and accepts themself at that point. It may be they come to realize they are a woman in a man’s body and must change  in order to survive. Only time will tell.

Here I sit currently, all gussied up, ready to meet the queen, my wife laying next to me on the couch in her gardening clothes. Lol  I’m quite comfortable being dressed up in heels and hose which is quite normal for me and she feels the same in her garden apron and shorts.

Its not important to me she gets dressed up fine, that’s her choice, I love her just the same. She also feels the same way so we have a mutual understanding that we just be who we are, no barriers, no limitations. We allow each other the freedom of expression unconditionally and it works for us at home or out and about. As for me and where will I progress to next? No idea. I’m guessing but being totally accepted by her makes life much simpler for me. Being out also makes things simpler.  Being gender fluid, I came to accept whole heartedly, both of me so this week Jill takes over. No ides for how long but I love the fact I can freely be Jill. Some day coming I will wake up as Kevin, throw on some jeans, and go play in the woods cutting winter firewood or jump on my backhoe and do some ditching, and be equally happy expressing himself. It may well be your partner will find a place like that, and decide that is where they want to stop, others have. Maybe they will need to have surgeries to transition into the woman they believe to be inside.

I know this, accepting who ones self  is is key to inner peace regardless of any unknowns into the future.

hugs, Jillleanne

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