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DeeAnn Hopings


Happy that you have found us!

To look for like minded people, you have to cast a broad net, as the saying goes. In addition to posts and chatting, check our Member Directory for members in your area. Given that you live in a fairly small town surrounded by other small towns, I suspect that the higher probability of finding folks would be in the closest major metropolitan area, which is Melbourne. Also, here in the US, many LGBT centers started doing social and support groups online. I participate in a weekly Women’s Chat Group that is hosted by our LGBT center. We have women participate who live up to 5 to 6 hours away by plane because they have some connection with the area. They have vacationed here frequently or have a 2nd home here or are thinking of retiring here. We usually get 7 to 10 women and I’m one of 3 trans women.

My wife and I had house guests this week. One of her stepsisters and her husband immigrated to Australia 30+ years ago. They visited with us along with his mother. They live outside of Canberra and we visited them around 2007 or so. I spent 6 years working in Taiwan and we visited for about 10 days on the way back to the US for R&R. That year we spent Australia Day in Sydney and had a great time. I even did the walk around the top of Sydney Tower. All together, it was a very enjoyable visit. We built 2 facilities  in Taiwan and our general contractor was Bovis Lend-Lease. I worked with many from Australia and New Zealand. We finally came back to the US at the end of 2011 and I look back on those days as a really great experience.

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