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I am 75 years old, have been married for 56 years, still love my wife and have two adult children, a son who is 50 and a daughter who is 40. After a lifetime of stress and emotional strife, I came to understand who and what I am a little over two years ago. I came out to my wife a year ago. I have dine a lot of reading and talking and therapy with an experienced, supportive therapist. My very first day out as me, Stacia, was to his office; and them some shopping afterwards. It was one of the biggest days of my life. But it competes with other days and other experiences.

In my meditations and affirmations, in which I claim my feminine soul, and it is, I call myself Anastasia Richard, a transgender man. I am happy, proud and settled to be… I will never have had the experiences, the trials, the triumphs that my wife and daughter and all the women I love have had. I freely admit and accept that is physiologically impossible for me to have done so or to do so; and I will never have had the emotional experiences they have had. Right now it appears that my marriage would be the cost of transitioning and I am not willing to pay that.
But I am learning to be happy as I am, I see and hear and feel the feminine virtues and values surface with ever greater force. My wife is coming to accept that and I think happiness is within reach. Dressing up and being out will be an episodic business, but all the more precious.

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