Reply To: Budget IPL laser devices: any good?


I bought an home laser gun in a desperate attempt mainly to reduce facial hair. I paid somewhere in the region of 200€ for it about 4-5 years ago.  I cannot report that it actually help in any meaningful way. I went on to book sessions at a laser clinic which did actually begin to help. That was until I sustained burns on the left and right of my neck through bad practice and ceased treatment from that day. Skin burns through treatment is more common that you would like to believe!

By this time most of the remaining beard had turned grey and impossible for laser treatment at another clinic of value.

The only remaing method of removal of unwanted hair was epilation at a specialist clinic, which I discovered are sparse and scattered across France and generallly in cities Treatment began BC (before covid) and continues with a 2 hour session every 3 months. I am happy to report that there is now a small amount that remains and imagine that a few more sessions will eliminate the remaing hairs that remain. They did also have a laser treatment that was used one time only. It was much more painful than I recalled, the laser gun also blew cold air onto the skin where it flased to reduce pain. I would not have wished to undego that without the cold air function – Ouch!!

A final note: taking estrogen may have slowed down beard grwoth but will not stop it.

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