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Another thing we must remember is that terminology and vocabulary are fluid. I’m an older woman and relatively new to my gender awakening. I am not able to find a definitive source that will explain all the new terms that I find in the LGBTQ+ vocabulary (new ones seem to be added every day). So if I mis-speak, as cathy seemingly did with the use of the word crossdresser, it’s not because I’m trying to offend anyone. I just get tired of trying to not offend anyone when I don’t know how.
As an example, is the term she-male acceptable today? I used it recently on another site and was criticized. When I was younger, both the public and the she-male knew what it meant. Didn’t mean it was accepted, but the meaning was clear.
Today’s problem is that many of us older woman don’t really know what the terms mean in today’s culture, so it becomes difficult to communicate without offending someone. We really need a glossary with generally acceptable definitions to help us walk through the political correctness minefield.

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