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Hi Chris/Christine,

Let me be (one of!) the first to welcome you to this forum, which I joined in January 2022.  I feel I have much in common with you. I am also pre-op AMAB, though perhaps a little further on.  I present as female about half the time – with friends, for example, or when I’m going out.  I’m not yet fully ‘out’ at work but my senior managers know and are sympathetic.  I am also married and my children (two sons) are grown-up and in employment.  My wife is not supportive at all and, in fact, said she wanted to separate as soon as I told her I was transgender.  She sees this as the cause of our marriage break-up but the truth is we had been in difficulties for years.   Again, like you, I prefer the company and the world of women to the world of men.  Some of my cis women friends have accepted me, others less so.   Let me know if there is anything I can usefully share with you.  With love, Grace


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