Reply To: What kind of people verbally abuse us?


Funny realy liveing in Birmingham the second biggest city in the uk .thinking it’ll be more laid back not realy yes you have plenty of people who except trans women people .but place are excepting Theatre shops restaurant entertainment place ?,it just when you go city walking may have to put a scarf on cover your mouth so no one can see your whole of your face.i tend to do this but make dress up not allways in a dress many the im in nice jeans dress but tie it disciss it but im all femail look like i had a week of no abuse .but i tend get from one two teens Romania who stuck in the 40s but one or two adult different time i have felt low .but last a day . So i just carry on ignore them I’m liveing my life this makes me happy, i feel happy and i just feel i get less rubbish in numbers. So i have been out with my friend in this place i go .but feel stronger in number with a group of number of trans thats what im going to set up soon .meet for dinner at nice restaurant as friends? Not place we talk about anything exempt trans stuff.Big hugs

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