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Terminology discussions aside, TGH has always been an open space for people to explore regardless of how they describe themselves.  But, what does one want to explore?  We, the management, at TGH have always tried to foster an environment where a member can explore and learn, of which the “lingo” is but one piece.    Another facet of fostering this is to NEVER push nor pull anyone into making decisions or choices.  As I did over on CDH (before TGH was more than a dream) I collected perspectives by asking lots of questions, reading and participating in forums and chat.  Yeah, I got kind of annoying at times, but the moderators helped me sort that out too.   I credit these sites with having a relatively smooth transition.  I’ve also seen tus help people figure out for themselves that they were crossdressers and even that gender variance of any sort was not for them.  The takeaway is, just be yourself, ask when you need info, reach out to a moderator if you need assistance and most of all..we hope and encourage you to enjoy your time here, we are a fun bunch too.

Manager Emerita

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