Reply To: Anyone thought about our burials?


Oooooh Morbid thoughts indeed Missy.  I say that life is too short to care about what happens when you are dead so I say live large now and don’t worry.   I’m on the functioning autism scale so while my wife forbids me to talk at a funeral, I get to gush here.  My wife and I have both planned on recycling any useable parts and the rest being cremated and having the ashes spread on our farm and part of mine also get dropped somewhere in Las Vegas (my favorite city).  So, there’s nothing to see or plant.  I live openly and authentically so most people who know me know what I look like.  With that in mind I have set up plans to have pics of me throughout my life.  I’ve had 3 NDE’s and after the last one I got serious about planning the rest of my life.  Since that time I have several large lavish fun parties each year and invite all the people that I think might actually visit me at the funeral home if I actually croaked.  I give these parties names like My Unbirthday, Solstice, New Years in July etc.)  I have a grand time and I think that the participants do too but I never tell them that these parties are my actual funeral.  It would weird a lot of people but at my real actual funeral I’ve left instructions that this be announced.  Also I want everyone to be told that I was thrilled to be among friends and family and enjoyed their company when I was alive.  My family all knows about this plan and they are sworn to secrecy until I go under the rainbow at which time they are to announce it with joy.  My funeral will be just like the parties with fresh Miller Lite tap beer, wine, pizza, and the best bakery desserts ever, with popular dance hits from our jukebox (60’s to 90’s) playing in the background.  No dullness is allowed at my funeral and it’s all been set up ahead of time.  My life has never been dull and my funeral shouldn’t be either.  Party on! (with no insult intended to those who prefer a more sombre farewell).  Marg

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