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i simply don’t know. I wish i did. I wish we could brainstorm and find THE ANSWER but truth, sadly, is you cannot force people to be nice. Hence domestic violence and failed marriages. Every election period i watch a anti crime push by some incumbent, where they get the tv cameras to capture the police rounding up and arresting hookers on 40th.  Ok, well 3 hours later, most made bail and are ow working 30th street. That doesn’t make  the news. Sadly, the haters are better organized than us, better funded, and they don’t wish to remain anonymous, as many of us simply wanted to live as the man or woman we felt we truly are. Hate gets bigger headlines and sells more papers and airtime. Then there is the educate them so they feel badly and repent?

well i have 2 siblings i told in tears how i struggled with this for years and need to express it and please don’t leave me. 1 has called me insane and possessed by the devil and swears that LGBT people are all going to hell, deep hell. He probably has never knowingly spoken to a LGBT person other than my telling him i am trans – and now he barely acknowledges me. So i am still the same person, perhaps nicer as missy, but he knows he hates me and my kind, without even having a real reason. Sort of like the child who “hates” broccoli, but has not even tasted it. Yes i think he is being ignorant, bigotted and small minded, hateful and i never fathomed he would pick a prayer groups interpretation over having supposedly loved me for years – but alas, he did, easily. The point is not my sad tale, we all have them, the point is he wont even speak to a trans person, let alone attend an event. So how can i show him, it doesn’t rub off if you hug me or shake my hand (kind of like we went through with racial discrimination)? i don’t know, and part of me doesn’t find the strength to fight the worlds hate. Part of me simply wants to keep walking forward until i find happiness. Last week i met a girl at a laundry mat and she ran back in after she was leaving and handed me her phone number, saying i enjoyed our visit, call me. Why would i waste time trying to educate haters, when it feels a lot nicer spending time with those who smile to us?

The obvious answer is because if we don’t fight now, there will be no tomorrows. They are erasing us from history and making it illegal to be, talk, read about, or do anything remotely related to LGBT. ALL based on ignorance and hate. But why? I’ve hated others but only after the wound they gave me or my loved one was fresh. But we’ve done nothing to these people, yet they know they HATE US and NEED to ERASE US.

sorry. so sorry.


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