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DeeAnn Hopings


You’re Here!! Very Good and I hope that being here will be helpful for your journey.

I never had any contact with trans men until I retired and moved here. Also, know that what I am going to say will be purely anecdotal and without any particular scientific study.

What I’ve noticed is that, while there are trans men in this area, many don’t seem to be interested in support groups and other activities to the degree of trans women. Several years ago one well known trans man here led a weekly gathering, but after about a month or so it seemed to have run its course and that was that. I don’t know if that happens in general or peculiar to this area. It also seems if even a hint of bias in favor of trans women exists, the trans men will stay away. I can’t say that I understand what is going on, but it seems to me that it is something beyond gender identity. It just feels that something fundamental is at work. Perhaps clarity may present itself as you continue your studies.

One factor that is different when comparing trans men to trans women is that, in my estimation, the percentage of passable trans men seems to be much higher than trans women. Maybe there is less of a perceived need for support and camaraderie. Anyway, it is an interesting set of circumstances.

I see what you mean about understanding in terms of your friend. You are looking at different sides if the same coin. Same thing, only different!

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