Reply To: Out in the wild for the first time

DeeAnn Hopings

Stacy Ann:

Glad that you had a good experience! For MANY of us, the experience turns out to be better than we dared to hope for.

I realize the the concept of Passing is very important for us, but there is something that we all must remember:

There are many who were Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB), and are not butch lesbians, who don’t appear as feminine as some others. But, there is something about them that does not raise flags about their gender identity. I think there can be many reasons for this:

  • Choice of clothing items, colors and style
  • Deportment
  • Body movements, including smiling
  • Being deferential
  • Accepting kindness graciously
  • Being seen doing what those who are AFAB often do (clothes shopping, grocery shopping, etc.)

The vast majority of those who are AFAB come nowhere near the notion of hyperfemininity, but is seems that is the target that we are shooting for.

Anyway, my point is that how we are perceived goes beyond just how we look.

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