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Stacy Ann, the first time I presented in public was in a big shopping mall in Katy Texas. I was pre-HRT and I had just bought a dress, shoes, and a bra at Torrid. I had “supports” in my 46 B bra to make it look realistic. Since I had been growing hair and I had a bald spot on my crown I bought a hat from Forever 21 across from the Torrid store. I then walked almost the entire length of the mall and saw a movie from the top row. After the movie I walked back to the Torrid store, talked to the salesclerk about my experience at being a girl for 2 1/2 hours, and changed back into my male clothes (which the Torrid staff kept for me while I was out) and went home. Our first time out sounds the same. Since then, I started HRT at 65 and underwent gender reassignment at age 66 a year and half later. I am totally female at 68 in a very conservative and unaccepting community at age 68. I hope you can have the same type of experience. Love Ya, Gabby.

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